Law Society Legal News Summary 07 September 2021

Access to justice and moral complexity 

In a letter to the Financial Times (£) responding to Law Society president I. Stephanie Boyce's opinion piece on concerns about the rule of law in the UK, professor Robert Barrington of the Centre for the Study of Corruption discusses the tension between the right for all to legal advice, and decisions lawyers are faced with when their client may be a dictator or an oligarch.

Lawyers band together for Afghan refugees 

The Gazette cites our concerns over the situation in Afghanistan in an article about Afghan lawyers pleading for help from the UK government. It references our call for a rethinking of the travel and entry requirements for Afghan citizens seeking safety in the UK. 

The Gazette and Australasian Lawyer also cover the coordinated efforts of hundreds of UK lawyers to provide pro bono support for stranded Afghans. 

We share information for immigration solicitors who wish to provide pro bono advice to Afghan nationals.

'Staying on' in the EU 

Council member Jonathan Goldsmith considers the fortunes and fates of those UK citizens who have chosen to remain in EU post-Brexit and how the 500-1,000 British lawyers thought to be still practising across the EU states will fare, in the Gazette.

Commercial drainage and water search

Inside Conveyancing reports the Law Society and Drainage and Water Searches Network (DWSN) has launched an updated CON29DW enquiry which provides information for prospective homebuyers, such as whether a property is at risk of sewer flooding and if further development is feasible. This should help homebuyers make informed decisions about their property purchase.

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