Law Society Legal News Summary 09 May 2022

PM's 'lefty lawyers' criticism 

Coverage continues of our reaction to the prime minister's claim that "liberal-left lawyers will try to make this [Rwanda deal] difficult". Irish Legal NewsScottish Legal NewsBest Hindi TechPractice Source and MSN pick up the story. 

Law Society president I. Stephanie Boyce said: "Anyone at risk of such a life-changing order has a right to challenge its legality with the assistance of a lawyer, who has a duty to advise their client on their rights. 

"It is misleading and dangerous for the prime minister to name-call lawyers who are doing their job and upholding the law. 

"Attacks like this, from the highest politician in the land, undermine the rule of law and can have real-life consequences. 

"Britain's standing internationally is underpinned by our reputation for democracy, fair play and the independence of our legal system. 

"We should all be proud that we live in a country where legal rights cannot be overridden without due process." 

Our statement continues to be widely shared on twitter. 

Watch a video of I. Stephanie Boyce addressing this issue

Who makes the law? 

Our head of public law Ellie Cumbo spoke to Times Radio (link to follow) about how legal judgments can shape and clarify laws, and differences between US and UK systems in light of the recently leaked Roe v Wade judgment in the States that could see abortion rights rolled back in some states.

Parole Board grants release of Baby P's mother 

Stuart Nolan, chair of our criminal law committee, spoke with LBC (from 02:12:00) about the release of Baby P's mother after the Parole Board rejected the justice secretary's appeal against the decision to free Tracey Connelly.

Employment law 

Shantha David, chair of our employment law committee, spoke to BBC Radio Devon (from 13:58) about the use of 'banter' as a defence for workplace discrimination. 

Shantha also spoke to BBC Radio Shropshire (from 2:37:12) about the shelved bill that could have stopped the practice of employers keeping staff tips

Dare to dream 

Business Live talks with I. Stephanie Boyce about making the North East legal sector more diverse and about her own journey to becoming president of the Law Society. 

She said: "The legal profession has a liking for recruiting from certain universities. I gave a speech to a London law firm and someone put their hand up and said: 'We've been looking in the wrong places, we're missing out on talent'. 

"It's about encouraging employers to expand their reach, to look at where they're advertising, look at the wording in their adverts and look at their web pages – can your potential employees see representations of themselves?"

Inheritance in a multigeneration household 

Our vice president Lubna Shuja writes in Eastern EyeGaravi Gujarat and Asian Times about why inheritance in a multigeneration household needs careful attention and planning. 

"Thinking about how we look after our family and friends after we die can be difficult, but the pandemic has shown us that it is better to be prepared in good time, so our loved ones can be cared for after we die," she said.

Find a Solicitor 

Our Find a Solicitor search tool is cited in an article in This is Money which examines whether a reader could inherit her ex-husband's pension.

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