Law Society Legal News Summary 17 June 2022

Rwanda removal flights and attacks on lawyers 

If you want to understand why we are concerned about government criticism of lawyers in the context of legal challenges to removal flights to Rwanda, and how these issues intersect with proposed changes to the Human Rights Act, listen to Ellie Cumbo, our head of public law, speaking to Inside Europe (from 04:20). 

Ellie also spoke to LBC (from 00:12:06). 

Read our press release outlining concerns about the Rwanda scheme.

No-fault eviction ban proposed 

News of a ban on ‘no-fault’ housing evictions is covered by the Gazette, Inside Conveyancing, Business Fast and Business Mayor

Law Society president I. Stephanie Boyce welcomed the section 21 ban but said Chancery Lane would be glad to see so-called ‘retaliatory evictions’ made more difficult. 

Stephanie said: “There needs to be a balance between the rights of tenants and landlords. We’ve previously recommended widening Section 8, which enables a landlord to regain their property in some circumstances. 

“Careful calibration is needed to improve security of tenure while ensuring landlords are not disincentivised from entering into longer-term fixed tenancies.”

Spike in divorce applications 

The Gazette covers the spike in divorce applications following the introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce. 

Vice president Lubna Shuja said: “By not having to prove a fault-based fact against their ex-partner, separating couples and their children will not have to suffer unnecessary conflict and anxiety.” 

Read our press release

Court spending on agency staff 

City AM covers news that HM Courts and Tribunals Service spent more than £400m on agency staff over a five-year period, with quotes from a Law Society spokesperson.

Can LawTech help reduce stress? 

Legal Brief discusses how increased automation in the legal sector can help reduce burnout, citing Law Society Junior Lawyers Division research which found more than 93% of respondents experienced stress, with significant impact on their quality of life.

LGBT+ estate planning 

Paul Maddock, vice chair of our LGBT+ lawyers division committee, spoke with BBC Radio Newcastle (from 1:18:59) about estate planning for the LGBT+ community as part of Pride month.

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